Shotokan is a traditional Japanese Martial Art. The three main areas of methodology focused on are Kihon (Basics), Kata (Form), and Kumite (Free Sparring).  Kihon includes various punching, kicking and blocking techniques, while Kata is a set of formal exercises derived from routine Kihon movements.  The Kata were created years ago and are used as a standard to judge technique.  Kihon and Kata must be practiced with regularity to advance to the next step, Kumite.  Kumite, or Free Sparring, is the actual application of the Kihon and Kata techniques that are practiced.  In Shotokan Karate, Kumite never takes precedence over the practice of Kihon and Kata.

BSKC returns to the Hoover Recreation Center as of August 13th, 2008.  Class schedule will remain unchanged. Download our flyer and registration form HERE. (Adobe PDF)

The Birmingham Shotokan Karate Club is a member of the All-South Karate Federation, and the Japan Karate Association.